Our Young Adults (college age/young adult) group consists mainly of college students and young adults starting careers. They meet on Monday nights at various locations, hosted by their members. Their Bible study typically consists of a video-led series on a variety of topics.


Our Young Couples (young adult/young parent) group meets at 9:15 AM on Sunday mornings at the church during the regularly scheduled Sunday school hour. Studies typically revolve around diving deeper into one book or theme from the Bible at a time. This group encourages participation and discussion.


The Philadelphia Class (30s through middle age, primarily couples) is a class that does not use a set curriculum, but relies instead upon the interests and needs of the class to shape what is going to be studied. Studies are predominatly based on themes and topics from the Bible but also include discussion related to current events, history, theology, and philosophy.


The Encouragers Class (middle age +) is a Bible study class which seeks to explore and faithfully apply God’s word to any number of real life issues in a thoughtful and intentional way. Discussion and the sharing of personal thoughts and insights around and about the Scriptures are encouraged. Cultivating a strong sense of community and demonstrating genuine care for one another are hallmarks of this group.


The F.O.C.U.S. Class (retirees) is a Bible study class with shared leadership which focuses on ongoing faith development and personal discipleship. Scripture is explored and discussed with an emphasis on contemporary applications. An emphasis on growing one’s relationship with God and deepening one’s personal relationships with others is a vital part of this class.


The Ruth Class (senior ladies) is a class in which the members continue to live out their journey of faith in devoted Bible study and prayer. Drawing closer in their relationship with God through study and drawing closer to each other through personal sharing and prayer are the top priorities for this group.


The Ladies II Class (senior ladies +) is a Bible study class which seeks to prompt and encourage its members to find renewed meaning and purpose in their walk with God as they grow older. While this class has but a few members, it is a wise, tightly knit, and caring group of people that remains faithful in their discipleship.


The Men’s Class (senior men) is a bible study class, much like the Ladies II Class, which seeks to help and encourage its members to find renewed meaning and purpose in their walk with God as they grow older. There is much collective wisdom and insight in this group and an ongoing desire to serve God and the congregation in whatever way they are able.

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